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Four classic adventures for Dungeon World, or any tabletop fantasy Roleplaying Games:

Shadows of Umberto: "They call it... 'The Fortunate City...'” Shadows of Umberto is a desert-themed adventure toolkit for Dungeon World, with new rules for playing in a timeless desert city. Will your characters earn the favour of the Caliph and his people? Or will their actions usher in their doom?

The Green Scar: Miles from civilisation, a forgotten valley hides an ancient jungle. This land of untapped resources has caught the eye of no-good industrialist Obadiah Cheapfields. Will the party put an end to his immoral operations, or will his mercenaries - to say nothing of the terrors of the jungle itself - be more than they can handle?

The Mirkasa Chronicles: “...And so, the adventurers travelled north to frosty MIRKASA, a chilled and grim land. Would the warriors brave the minotaur lords of the mountain peaks, the enigmatic forces in the forests, or the evil presence lurking in the mines? And when they returned to town to reap their reward, would they be treated as heroes - or heretics?” The Mirkasa Chronicles is a winter-themed adventure setting for Dungeon World. It introduces a ton of monsters, factions, locations and characters ready to use as they are or remix into your own adventure.

I'm On A Boat! Following a string of exciting adventures the watch insist on calling “crimes”, you and your party have booked passage on the Salty Mare. She leaves tonight... but will you and your allies make it safely across the Shrouded Sea? Are the infamous rumours about the Black Flag true? Are the crew everything they seem to be? And what is that dreadful scratching noise coming from the hold? I'm On A Boat! is an adventure pack for Dungeon World or World of Dungeons. The book contains the framework for running an adventure on the high seas, including: a welcome letter to kick-start a new campaign; a front for the Salty Mare herself; custom moves for keeping the boat (and crew!) running at their best, and two dangers to make the players lives more interesting!

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorJoe Banner
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdungeon-world, Fantasy, story-games, Tabletop


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